Coded solutions

When content management systems (CMS) will not achieve what is required for specific functionality. We can either integrate a custom hand coded solution into the CMS or hand code a stand alone solution. Bottom line... What we do saves our clients thousands in administration..

Standard solutions

Concrete5 CMS allows for easy robust management by the user, it has solid add-on functionality and responsive off the shelf themes and a community of over 200,000 members. Easy integration of custom code makes it one of our preferred CMS.

Media / Design

Todays websites need to work on a variety of devices. social media , Search engine optimisation (SEO) and rich media files (Image, video and audio) are becoming better and easier ways to present your business.

Not too much to do with grapefruit... everything to do with solutions.

So here's the juice... Grapefruitmedia builds complete web solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Your requirements may be as simple as a self managed CMS site install to a complete cloud based solution, or just managing the SEO (search engine optimisation) of an existing site.
  • We are happy to fix broken or dated sites , with a view to rebuilding using modern and up to date standards; technology is always changing.
  • Domains , Hosting and Email are all catered for and managed in-house with our own fast servers.

  • Clients we have worked with for a number of years. As technology develops we use the choices available to optimise the work flow.
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Kathryn Rawlings & Associates
One of New Zealand's leading actors agencies.
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Powersafe electrical wholesale
Powersafe is an electrical wholesaler. Supplying the trade with a wide hand selected range of components to the trade.
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Recuiting for farms in New Zealand